Safe & Secure Self Tour Technology

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Safety & security is the most important aspect of self tours. Learn more about are patent pending technology below.

How It Works

Selfie scanner
Step 1 - User is verified

Driver license verification, two factor authentication, and live selfie (matching drivers license) using AI live selfie (bio-authentication).

Location pin in front of home
Step 2 - Checking in

GGPS location, tour time, and live selfie all must pass verification to gain property access.

House key inside of phone
Step 3 - WI-FI Lock

No keys. No codes.

House inside of a phone
Step 4 - User monitoring

30 minutes to tour. User is monitored (GPS, camera, sensors) to ensure they do not leave before the secure the home and checkout.

House inside of a circle. On the outside of the circle, theres an arrow pointing up.
Step 5 - Checking out

User completes the checkout procedure. The user initiates the lock procedure to re-lock the property main entrance. Owner receives notifications that the check-out was completed successfully, and the property is secure.

House with a check mark in front of it.
Step 6 - Wrapping up

App monitors post-checkout to ensure user leaves the proximity of the property.

Property is now safe and secured.
All of this is done easily and simply through the app.