Why Use a Smart Lock for Your Rental Property?

It is easy to see that smart locks are the future; with millennials becoming the largest renters, they need to stay connected. With that said, it is becoming increasingly common to find smart locks, smart thermostats, and doorbell cameras. These devices can increase security and add value to your property. With a growing number of options for rental property managers, it can be hard to choose what technology to use. Current technologies like smart locks are helping level the playing between larger property management companies and individuals with smaller portfolios.

Programs are being rolled out all over the country testing smart locks on single-family rental homes. They not only increase security but also make it more efficient for the property management company.

Managing properties can be complex, and there's always a lot going on between renters, contractors, and building-related troubles. Therefore, it's so essential to have the right technologies at your fingertips. That's why next, we'll take a look at some different smart locks for your rental property.

Best Smart Locks for your Rental Property

KwikSet Kevo Connect Lock $149

Kwikset sells several different locks, including the Kevo Connect Lock. This lock works without removing any deadbolt.

Like any other smart lock in this space, you can control it with just the tap of your smartphone. The lock also happens to be compatible with Honeywell thermostats, video doorbells by multiple companies, and Amazon's Alexa to control your door by voice commands.

August Smart Lock Pro $229.99

With a variety of great-looking options for smart locks, August is one of the key players in the industry. They've decreased the size of their lock year over year, making it look sleeker than ever. The August lock can work with many smart home technologies, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the Apple HomeKit. These locks are the industry's future. While August isn't the only company that's made massive upgrades year over year, they are one of the few.

Schlage Encode $249.99  

Schlage's top-of-the-line lock, the Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lock, lets you connect from anywhere without installing additional accessories. This lock has enhanced security features, voice-activated commands, and an extra layer of encryption.

The Schlage lock has excellent reviews, especially concerning its security. The lock features compatibility with Apple, Google, and Amazon's smart home devices.

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